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SPECTOR PRO is used for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity – in your home or in your office.

Product Overview

  • Keystrokes Typed: Capture every single Keystroke they type including passwords
  • Chats/IM’s: Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages — both sides!
  • Email: Review every Web Site they visit and see what they do while on them
  • Facebook: See everything they do on Facebook + Social Networks (including all the profiles they visit and pictures they post)
  • Website Blocking: Block them fromvisiting any web site or chatting with anyone you want

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#1 Screen Snapshots

Advanced surveillance screen snapshot recording allows you to see not only what your children and employees do on the computer and Internet, but the EXACT order in which they do it, step by step.

#2 Chat / IM Activity + Blocking

With the Chat/Instant Message recorder built into SPECTOR PRO, chat conversations and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. Plus… built-in Chat Blocking allows you to protect your children from Internet predators and stop employees from abusing Chat and Instant Messaging.

#3 Facebook + Social Networking Activity

Facebook is the most popular social sites for teenagers to hang out at on the Internet. Here they meet new people, send messages to friends, gossip, exchange pictures/videos and a whole lot more. With SPECTOR PRO, these activities are recorded allowing you to ensure that your children are acting responsibly and are safe from Internet threats.

#4 Keystrokes Typed

SPECTOR PRO includes what many consider to be the BEST key logger available, saving keystrokes by application, by date and time. See exactly what they type on the computer and the Internet… including passwords!

#5 Online Searches

What are your children searching for on Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Bing? And why are they using certain search terms on the Internet? SPECTOR PRO reveals both the words/phrases they searched for and the web sites they visited by clicking on search results.

#6 Web Site Activity + Blocking

SPECTOR PRO continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a chronological record for your review. Now you can see not only where they go online, but how long they spend on the web page and how frequently they visit the web site. Plus… built-in Web Site Blocking allows you to prevent access to web sites you deem inappropriate for your children or employees.

#7 Top 10 Summary Reports

It is now faster and easier then ever to see what your child or employee is doing on the PC and Internet. SPECTOR PRO will automatically sift through your recordings to create Top 10 Reports of the most important PC and Internet activities. See the Top 10 web sites they visit, their Top 10 online searches, the Top 10 people email was sent to, the Top 10 people they chatted with

#8 Email Activity

SPECTOR PRO automatically saves a copy of every email sent or received, with ANY email program, to a hidden location on the computer. Even when they delete their email, SPECTOR PRO will keep a copy for you to review.

#9 Program Activity

SPECTOR PRO provides the ability to record every program (or application) run on the computer you are monitoring. Find out if your kids are playing games when they are supposed to be doing their homework. See if your employees are using that expensive office software or just surfing the Internet.

#10 Keywords Detected

SPECTOR PRO takes an active role in protecting your kids or employees with powerful Keyword Alerts. You simply create a list of “on alert” keywords or phrases and SPECTOR PRO does the rest. If any of your keywords are detected (in keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, emails, chat or instant messages), then SPECTOR PRO will immediately send you an email Alert to warn of potential danger.

#11 Files Transferred

SPECTOR PRO will capture files downloaded via the Internet. Illegal software downloads, pornographic pictures or video, music files, online gambling software and more are automatically recorded.

#12 User Activity

SPECTOR PRO records when the computer is being used and by whom. An easy-to-read chart shows you when they login, logout and when they actively use the computer.

#13 Document Tracking

Document Tracking allows you to determine whether files/documents are being saved to removable media such as floppy, Zip, CD, DVD, USB storage devices or memory sticks – plus records all documents that are printed.


System Requirements

You can install Spector Pro on any edition of Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows XP (including 64-bit)


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