Sonar – Employee Monitoring

Product Overview

Sonar records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Unique in the industry, Sonar does not require you to purchase any hardware.

Employee Monitoring’s software application monitoring and blocking suite allows schedules to be set that control which software applications can be used and when. Time wasters such as Windows Media Player or iTunes can be blocked during work hours and allowed during off hours as desired. Dangerous applications, including FTP uploading or peer-to-peer programs like BitTorrent, can be permanently blocked. And of course, all activity is recorded and available to you in your online account.

Sonar Employee Monitoring


Complete 360-degree monitoring and recording

  • All email (including both corporate email accounts and webmail like Gmail and Hotmail)
  • Instant messaging
  • All keystrokes typed
  • Documents created, accessed, changed or edited
  • Software applications
  • All websites visited
  • Database queries
  • Customer data
  • Generate reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts.

All keystrokes

  • Complete record
  • Includes all deletions made in email, document or spreadsheet
  • Easy-to-read format

Block sites and applications that lower productivity

  • Complete web filtering – by category, by content
  • Application blocking
  • Alert words
  • Instant Messaging
  • Whitelisting
  • Productivity protected
  • Corporate network not exposed to spam and spyware by controlling unauthorized web use

Screenshots of any activity carried out on computers

  • Video-like playback
  • Triggered by alert words, programs or websites
  • Captures incontrovertible evidence



  1. Minimal upfront investment and simple licensing and ordering process
  2. Quick deployment to jumpstart your business
  3. Reduces administrative overhead to lower operational costs
  4. Supports exicting business processes
  5. Grows with your needs
  6. Reduces business risk by responding in real-time
  7. Easily installs and deploys for low TCO
  8. Generates increased value from current security investments
  9. Helps ease regulatory compliance efforts with centralized analysis and reporting
  10. Ensures customer data privacy and integrity
  11. Scales to thousands of customers or business units
  12. Works in terminal server and Citrix environments


Technical Video

Please click the video below to learn more about how InterGuard’s Employee Monitoring Software can help your organization with internal data leakage.

Employee Monitor Video


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