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Product Overview

Blocking inappropriate web surfing is critical not only to ensuring the security of your organization, but also to ensuring that your employees are productive, but web surfing is only a part of how employees spend their time. InterGuard Webfiltering is designed to extend your visibility beyond a simple list of URLs and give you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.

While other webfiltering applications are simply designed to enforce acceptable use policies, InterGuard Webfiltering helps define the policies that it enforces by giving you total transparency into how your employees spend their time. With InterGuard, you’ll see everything from everywhere. No exceptions.

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Web Filtering’s 3 Main Advantages

#1 It Delivers Unparalleled Visibility and Control
InterGuard doesn’t just give you a list of the URLs that your employees are visiting like other web filtering applications. Instead it provides total visibility into what your employees are doing online. InterGuard captures all web-searches performed, as well as taking screenshots of the websites that they visit. And that’s just the beginning of what InterGuard can do.

#2 It Works Both On and Off of the Corporate Network
InterGuard’s unique architectural advantage means that no matter where the computer goes – on the network, off the network, traveling in the field, a remote office, anywhere – you’ll still have full functionality. And since the policies are stored locally on the machine there is no latency. All blocking decisions are made instantly without needing to make a call to a remote server, and you can see all of the computers in your organization from a single web-based portal.

#3 InterGuard is the only SaaS-capable solution of it’s kind
InterGuard requires no hardware whatsoever and is unsurpassed in ease use. That’s why we encourage people to try InterGuard for themselves. Because InterGuard is an agent-based technology it can be deployed in a SaaS environment – requiring no hardware, and leaving nothing to manage. InterGuard sets up in minutes, no matter how many computers you have in your organization – and no matter how your organization is laid out. Whether your entire organization is located in one place or spread out across the globe, InterGuard makes it easy to manage all of your employees from one web-based interface.



Reporting Suite that Does the Work for You
Awareness Webfiltering works for you. Not the other way around. As such, its dashboard comes stocked with dozens of pre-defined reports to help you quickly identify the areas of your organization that need your attention. You’ll instantly see who’s productive, who’s not, and who’s putting your company at risk and what you need to do to automatically curb such behavior.

Local Agent Eliminates Latency
By agent-based and making decisions locally instead of relying on network architecture and making decisions via server queries, Awareness Webfiltering does not suffer from latency during web surfing. has simplified deployment and managed to create a webfiltering application that doesn’t slow websurfing down the way that traditional solutions do. It is also via this desktop architecture that InterGuard has been able to expand their coverage to off-network computers as well.

Centrally Managed Solution Provides Remote Access
Awareness Webfiltering is a centrally managed solution that provides administrators with access to their account via any web-browser. This coupled with its desktop architecture means that even the most distributed environment can be managed as one unified whole from a single interface. This makes Awareness Webfiltering the ideal solution for companies with remote and/or mobile workforce.

Bullet-Proof Proxy Protection
By solving the web filtering problem directly at the endpoint, InterGuard removes the need for hardware, eliminates latency, and extends protection beyond the corporate network.

A Full-Featured Productivity Suite
If desired, Awareness Webfiltering can be purchased as part of a full-featured employee activity monitoring bundle that delivers total visibility and total control over the digital environment. With Awareness Employee Monitoring you’ll see not only how people spend their time on the computer, but you’ll also see the exact details of what they’re doing. You’ll have forensic-level visibility into emails, webmail, Instant Messages, and keystrokes. Monitoring features can be turned on or off based on department, computer or even the individual – giving you total control over the level of visibility that you have in your organization.


Technical Video

Please click the video below to learn more about how InterGuard’s Web Filtering Software can help your organization with internal data leakage.

web filtering video


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