Classroom ManagementTM Software
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Features Surf-Lock2 App-Control Pointer Vision Tech Pad
Manage and control student computer activity from the teacher’s computer. Supervise student progress, monitor or prevent* web browsing, share any computer and remotely control student computers.
Supervise Control
Monitor web browsing or keep an eye on student progress to help individuals and improve classroom time on task. Control student PCs by locking the keyboards, mice and blanking student screens during lessons or discussions
Share Mentor
Demonstrate the teacher's screen (or any screen in the classroom) to the entire classroom or just a single student. Help any student through a tough problem right from the teacher's desk or take control of the student's computer to demonstrate a solution.
Block* Manage
Web browsing instantly for one student, a group of students or the entire class with Surf·Lock plug-in for Vision. Shut down an entire lab of computers from the teacher station. Remotely start up an application or open a web page on student computers.